Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Android Fun! (Yes, I really mean it this time!)

I just spent the past 12 hours working on my Android app. I think I made a fair amount of progress. For 12 hours, I better have!

Reverse geocoding (where you look up the address given the latlong) is working so I can now say "Save where I am right now!" and also say "Use this address for this new location". If you're paying attention, you can see how they both share a lot of code.

I got Preferences working too! That was pretty easy, I must say.

I still can't get my Linux boxen to recognize the Android, so I'm stuck doing hardware debugging on my @#$%^ Macbook. Although it was kinda neat to fire up the program in Eclipse and watch it run on the handheld.

I think I have only two major pieces left now; doing the proximity checking and drawing the proximity area. The first is mostly done by the Android framework, unfortunately I'm having difficulting finding code I can ste^H^H^H look at for inspiration. I still don't know how to do the proximity area drawing.

Tip of the day: how to properly transfer your app from one machine to another. Tar up the workspaces on one machine, transfer them to the new one, delete the old dir, untar and then....right-click, select Import -> From Existing Files. Things work much better that way.

Tomorrow it's the LocationManager coding! Wish me luck!

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