Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm really hating Apple...

...or at least the Macbook. Not only does it not have enough keys, the overall interface isn't as consistent as everyone maes (and the damn 'k' ey has been flaky since day one!) it out to be.

Here's what pissing me off tonight. I'm using Eclipse to write an Android application. I want to learn a few shortcuts like how to jump to a specific line (Ctrl-L), got to the last edited position (Ctrl-E), or jump to another class member (Ctrl-Q). Except on an Apples, the function of the Control ey (ARGH!) is usurped by the Command (Open- Apple, Flower thingie) key. So it's Command-L, Command-E and Command-Q, right? Amirite? WRONG! It's Ctrl-Q because Command-Q closes the program! So maybe Ctrl-E also goes to the last position? No, because that key combo does nothing!

Go head, fanboi! Argue all you want that Command-Q to close is consistent across applications. Can you Command-Q the Finder? Huh? Can you?

And I'm not going to blame this on the Eclipse people. I'm blaming Apple. Here's another one: the function keys are set, by default to be Special Features Keys (dim/brighten monitor, volume up/down, etc.). Fine. So if I want the function eys (oh, screw it!) to act like function keys, I need to push a modifier key. Fine again, except it's never the same frackin' modifier key! If I want to quit out of Midnight Commander, it's Command-F10, but to make a directory, it's Control-F7 and to move a file it's Fn-F6! WTF?

As soon as I can, I'm getting a Lenovo Thinkpad running Linux. The only thing this MB is good for is as an iPod updater. I was going to say "as a multimedia box" but I can't even watch The Daily Show on this thing.


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