Friday, February 27, 2009

Last night's presentation (2009-02-26)

Last night, I gave a presentation on my Google App Engine application at the NYC Cloud Computing Group's (semi-regular) monthly meeting held at Gemini Systems down in the Financial district (thanks for hosting us, Mick!). I must say, it went over much better than I expected.

I've been concentrating on my Android Developer's presentation slated for March 10th and didn't give enough attention to the NYCCC presentation, but then I never think I give enough attention to the job at hand. Anyway, I put together a NeoOffice (that's OpenOffice for the Mac, doncha' know) Impress presentation which was filled with bullet points. The difference this time was I showed each bullet point individually. Simple technique but it kept everyone with me instead of having some people listening to me and others reading ahead.

The original idea was to have a hands-on workshop, so I had planned to give the presentation, lead everyone in programming a simple app, then show a simple app that I had written to "scratch an itch"

However, given that I was sharing the evening with Dustin Whitney who was discussing Amazon Web Services and we each had only an hour, that idea went out the window real fast. Instead, I gave my presentation and then walked through my App Engine datastore for my Tag Your World program.

As I said, it went over very well. The audience was full of questions and kept me on my toes. I really like presenting to a technical audience.

At the end of my hour, there were still questions and comments, but I had to turn things over to Dustin. After a five minute break, Dustin gave a good presentation on the CloudTools that he has built and showed us some of the ways he uses Amazon Web Services in his day job.

Overall, it was a great meeting. Good presentations (if I do say so myself), good audience, and good food. I can't wait to see what John has slated for the next meeting.

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